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Going Global with HearHub

Going Global with HearHub

Krystle Barton
Danielle Lam

A global offering

The Shepherd Centre is excited to announce its newest initiative, HearHub, a digital platform which provides hearing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools and programs to enhance how they work with children.

HearHub is unique in its potential to enable thousands of children with hearing loss to develop the listening, speech, language and social skills needed to reach their full potential. Access to early intervention is critical to ensure children can overcome the barriers of hearing loss. In Australia, approximately 50% of children with hearing loss do not have access to these life-changing programs. Globally, this figure expands alarmingly.

Two digital tools

With The Shepherd Centre’s 50 years of experience in clinical program delivery and research, HearHub will ensure clinicians and families anywhere in Australia and the world can access a selection of innovative and exclusive online tools designed to help them deliver the best possible support for children with hearing loss or listening issues.

REDDI: The Rapid Evaluation and Documentation of Detection and Imitation (REDDI) tool is quick and easy to use and provides a colour-coded record of a child’s everyday responses to different speech sounds, giving valuable information to help optimise their access to the sounds of speech.

FLI-P®: The unique Functional Listening Index – Paediatric® (FLI-P®) tool tracks the development of a child’s functional listening skills over time and provides insights into the formation of key listening skills. A variety of visualisation graphs provide information of a child’s listening trajectory to guide and inform parents and professionals.

Two online series of courses

HearHub also provides interactive courses that are founded in best-practice principles and hearing loss research. All programs provide professional development training to aid the delivery of the course to children and families:

Talk Together: A holistic training package to enable professionals to deliver a series of courses for families. It draws upon learnings from counselling, audiology, early education and listening and spoken language therapy to provide families with the essential skills and knowledge to support their child from newly diagnosed with hearing loss and beyond. The program includes plans, outlines, videos and resources to use with parents and caregivers.

Confident Kids: Confident Kids is a ground-breaking series of social skills courses for children with hearing loss or listening issues aged 1 – 11 years. The courses equip them with the necessary skills to navigate peer and learning environments through games, activities and play-based scenarios. The training package provides professionals with a wealth of resources including videos and worksheets that make the courses simple and fun to facilitate.

Making professionals even more effective

HearHub is on a mission to improve the listening and communication skills of children with hearing loss around the world by revolutionising the way clinicians and educators work with children in the listening space. By equipping hearing healthcare professionals with innovative tools, knowledge and resources they need to support a child’s listening and spoken language development, HearHub aims to inspire them to be even more effective. With HearHub, professionals are better able to inform parents of ways they can develop their child’s listening, language and communication skills.


Funding to support the initial stages of the program’s roll out over the next two years has been provided via philanthropic support. To contribute financially towards the program or for a demonstration, please contact: [email protected]

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