Learning together

HearHub courses provide professionals with resources and a suite of training programs to educate children with hearing loss and their families in how to gain confidence in navigating their hearing loss journey.

Unlocking potential

Courses enable professionals to unlock the potential of children at all ages and stages, from birth to 12 years. Our courses also give parents confidence in supporting their child.

Easy to facilitate

HearHub equips professionals working with children with hearing loss with plans, guidance and other materials to make delivering groups as streamlined as possible.

Proven success

Talk Together and Confident Kids are popular choices with families and children at The Shepherd Centre and have been refined over the years with great results.

"I used to create my own resources to share with families, but the Talk Together series provides a consistent framework that the whole team can use to deliver the course. The combination of knowledge and connection equips parents with the knowledge and confidence to support their child as they learn to listen."
Danielle Lam
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist,
The Shepherd Centre
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"The Confident Kids group is fun to facilitate and fun for the kids. The parents get a lot out of connecting with other families with children with hearing loss and seeing their child’s confidence grow"
Amber Monk
Manager of Clinical Program Development and Implementation,
The Shepherd Centre
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About our training

Developed by The Shepherd Centre, HearHub’s course offerings are designed to equip hearing healthcare professionals with the skills to educate not only children but also caregivers. The Confident Kids series of courses gives professionals the resources to deliver group programs for children to develop the social skills and self-assurance to navigate the wider world. While the Talk Together series provides professionals with the resources to deliver group programs to bring parents and caregivers together to learn and connect, providing them with what they need to know to feel confident in supporting their child’s hearing loss journey.

The ability for an organisation to have their own exclusive Learning Environment (included in the Plus packages) provides teams with a simple way to build and deliver their own clinical, education or professional development training platform.
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What are professionals saying about HearHub?

HearHub is an invaluable resource for anyone working with children who have hearing loss. The practical courses are easy to implement and wonderful to develop one's knowledge in the area.
Sarah Lange 
Head of Audiology, Carel du Toit Centre
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Created by Experts

Our world-class tools and courses have been developed by hearing professionals from The Shepherd Centre. Since 1970, The Shepherd Centre has earned its reputation as an industry leader in Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) therapy, helping thousands of children reach their potential with its Early Intervention System.