Confident Kids

Supporting social development

The Confident Kids programs are a series of training courses developed to support Hearing Health Professionals working with families of children with hearing loss. The programs are designed to train specialists like yourself to run your own Confident Kids programs, including videos, activities and downloadable content.

All our courses have been tried and tested with proven results and have everything you need to roll out your course in one handy place. Each training course is tailored to address the specific needs of children of their age group, including their caregivers who support their children in everyday life.

The series of programs can be delivered to several age ranges, including:

Confident Kids 1-2 years
Confident Kids 4-5 years
Confident Kids 6-8 years

The use of age-based programs helps address any delays in social or theory of mind skills, identifying focus areas and supporting each child as they branch out and interact with peers and their community.

Making a difference

"The Confident Kids series are my favourite programs for families with children with hearing loss. I love seeing the positive changes it brings, both to relationships at home and to healthy friendships at school."
Sara Luscombe
Child and Family Counsellor,
The Shepherd Centre
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Developed by The Shepherd Centre, HearHub’s
course offerings are designed to equip hearing
healthcare professionals with the skills to
educate not only children but also caregivers.