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Available exclusively via a HearHub subscription, the Confident Kids series of courses is a train-the trainer for professionals working with families of children with hearing loss. This professional learning course will provide you with the knowledge, activities, tools, videos and downloadable parent and child information to equip you to deliver your own Confident Kids 4-5 years group program. 

In Confident Kids 4-5, you will learn how to empower children with hearing loss to navigate different social environments by teaching them practical strategies for building healthy relationships. Aimed at children between 4-5 years of age, it comes equipped with a parent education component to help caregivers support their children in everyday life.

Children with hearing loss commonly experience delays in social skills development, which often presents as delayed Theory of Mind skills (the ability to attribute mental states — beliefs, intents, desires, emotions and knowledge. — to oneself and to others). It is critical to address this as early as possible so that a child’s social inclusion with their peers and community is supported from their earliest years of life

The importance of connection


For children with hearing loss, acquiring the skills to use spoken language in socially acceptable ways when communicating with family members and hearing peers is a vital part of their listening journey.

Universal relevance

Confident Kids focuses on stages of social skill development that have been proven to be relevant to children worldwide. The series is split into programs across four age groups, with the 4-5 years course currently available on HearHub.

Simple to deliver

The course is divided into eight weekly modules, with scripts, videos and other resources provided to help facilitators ensure that everyone in their group has the best experience possible. 

Save time

Save valuable time and effort developing your own course outline and materials, whilst simultaneously benefitting from over fifty years of experience and expertise from The Shepherd Centre's world-renowned program

Making a difference


"Confident Kids is my favourite program for families with children with hearing loss.  I love seeing the positive changes it brings, both to relationships at home and to healthy friendships at school."


Sara Luscombe
Child and Family Counsellor,
The Shepherd Centre

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Developed by The Shepherd Centre, HearHub’s course offerings are designed to equip hearing healthcare professionals with the skills to educate not only children but also caregivers.