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How REDDI works, how to enter data, data visualisation and more.


How FLI-P® works, how to enter data, data visualisation and more.


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Hear from Aleisha Davis, General Manager of Clinical Programs, talk about the benefits of the Talk Together course

General info

  • Who are the learning experiences for?

    HearHub learning experiences through online courses are designed for Hearing Healthcare Professionals working with children with hearing loss to inform, innovate and inspire their practice.

  • What types of hearing loss are suitable to use the course learning materials?

    The HearHub learning courses are suitable in working with children with all types of hearing loss and aiding configurations.

  • What courses are available?

    There are 6 courses available in the initial launch of HearHub:

    · FLI-P Learning Course

    · REDDI Learning Course

    · Confident Kids 4-5 years Facilitator Course

    · Talk Together Listening Foundations Facilitator Course

    · Ready Steady Think Facilitator Course 

    · Confident Kids 6-8years Facilitator Course 

  • How do I use the courses?

    The courses are designed to equip you with knowledge and understanding in each subject area to use a new assessment tool or facilitate a new learning course.

    The assessment tool learning courses are designed to equip you with the skills required to use the assessment tool effectively and efficiently in HearHub

    The facilitator learning courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge, advice and resources to facilitate your own group program with families and children with hearing loss in your location.

  • What is available in the courses?

    Each of the courses are different so this will depend on the learning needs for each course. Some of the features you will find in the courses are information written by specialists in the field, printable/downloadable information for parents and caregivers, group facilitation run sheets, demonstration videos and explanation videos

  • Who developed the courses?

    All of the courses in HearHub have been developed by a team of professionals with decades of experience working with families with children with hearing loss. The team of Audiologists, Counsellors, Educators, and Listening and Spoken Language Specialists at The Shepherd Centre use these course materials in clinical practice to deliver these courses to families and use the tools for children with hearing loss they see.

Facilitator learning courses

  • What is Talk Together?

    The Talk Together series has been developed over decades of working with families with children with hearing loss. Listening Foundations is the first course of the Talk Together program series. The Talk Together Listening Foundations course will provide you with the resources to learn and facilitate your own Listening Foundations course for families you know. You can read more about Talk Together here.

  • What is Confident Kids?

    The Confident Kids series empowers children with hearing loss to navigate different social environments by teaching them practical strategies for building healthy relationships. These courses equip hearing healthcare professionals with the resources to deliver groups with children of each age group and their parents. You can read more about Confident Kids here.

  • Who can facilitate Talk Together, Confident Kids and Ready Steady Think groups?

    Hearing healthcare professionals working with families with children with hearing loss can deliver these groups. This includes, but is not limited to, Listening and Spoken Language Specialists, Educators, Counsellors and Audiologists. Each of the groups can be delivered by one professional, or can be delivered in working together with another professional to deliver the group.  

    If facilitating a larger group size, it is recommended to deliver the group with more than one Hearing healthcare professional.  

On-Demand Course FAQ's

  • How long do the self paced learning courses take to complete?

    The estimated time to complete our on-demand learning courses vary, the estimated time to complete is noted in the course summary.

  • How do I access my certificate?

    On successful completion of the course you will be greeted with a congratulations message and an invitation to open your certificate. Clicking the open certificate button will reveal the certificate viewer that will allow you to add your certificate to LinkedIn, or download a copy in PDF format. You will also receive an email that is automatically sent when you are issued a certificate. In addition to recognising your achievement, this email will allow learners to access their certificates without having to login to Coassemble. Each certificate you are issued is stored in your very own ‘Certificate library’. This allows you to review and share their certificates while you have access to the course.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the course for three months.

  • I would like to provide some feedback - how can I do this?

    All feedback is appreciated, it helps us to continually improve our offerings. You can fill in a survey after completing the course that is located in the ‘Course Evaluation’ module. Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected]

  • I have a question - who do I contact?

    Please send all questions to [email protected] and one of our team members will respond to you as soon as possible.

  • I am a teacher based in New South Wales, Australia and I am wondering if this the on-demand learning courses contribute to my elective professional development time?

    Completing a on-demand HearHub course may contribute NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) elective PD.

  • I am having trouble accessing the course - who can I contact?

    Please send an email describing the issue you are having to [email protected] and we will help you get started as soon as possible

Course learning and enrollment

  • Who can access HearHub?

    Hearing Healthcare Professionals can purchase a HearHub subscription to access the courses to inform, innovate and inspire their practice working with children with hearing loss.

  • How long do the courses take to complete online?

    Each of the courses will include the time it will take to complete at the beginning of the course. As an approximate guide:

    · Assessment tool learning courses will take approximately 30 minutes.

    · Facilitator learning courses will take approximately 30 minutes per module, and include 8-10 learning modules.

  • How do I enroll in a course?

    The courses are part of the HearHub subscription package. When you have a HearHub subscription, you will receive details for your HearHub account to immediately access the courses. Click here to choose a plan that works for you.

  • How long does it take from the time I sign up to HearHub until I can start my course?

    HearHub learning courses are available immediately upon provision of your HearHub account details.

  • How long can I access the courses?

    You can access courses anytime, anywhere during your HearHub subscription package.

  • What do I get when I complete my course?

    You will receive a certificate upon completion of all components of a learning course.

  • Are there any prerequisites for taking these courses?

    The only prerequisite is to be a professional working with children with hearing loss, or an interest in working with children with hearing loss.

  • Can I enroll in one of the courses but not the others?

    The courses have been designed as part of the HearHub subscription package. If you don’t find a suitable subscription plan for your learning needs, please contact us on [email protected]. We love to hear from you and are always keen to hear what interests you.

  • Can parents and caregivers enroll in the courses?

    HearHub online courses are designed for Hearing Healthcare Professionals learning. They are not designed to enroll parents and caregivers into HearHub courses directly.

    When a Hearing Healthcare Professional has completed their learning and are ready to facilitate a group program, they will enroll parents and caregivers into the group program in the most suitable way for families in their service. For example, The Shepherd Centre enroll parents and caregivers into Confident Kids 4-5 years group program at each of the different locations across NSW, ACT and online. This group is delivered in these location during School Term 1 at The Shepherd Centre in person or via videoconference. The Hearing Healthcare Professionals use the materials in the HearHub course, including parent information sheets and runsheets, to deliver the group to The Shepherd Centre families.

  • What should I do if I need help regarding the course?

    We would love to hear from you to help you, so please get in touch with us [email protected]

    If you are a HearHub subscriber, you can also contact us directly via the HearHub platform by selecting the buttons ‘”Need help?” and “Share your thoughts”.