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Our Ready Steady Think program was designed with Hearing Health Care professionals in mind! We equip you with all the information and resources you need to deliver your own Ready Steady Think program and help children with hearing loss develop listening, speech and language skills while targeting crucial executive function skill development

This unique program targets imaginative play and emotional regulation in a supported group environment. The activities are fun and engaging and can be delivered online or face-to-face in a group setting

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Why are executive functioning skills so crucial?

Executive function skills are the foundation for success in all areas of life, including controlling impulses, self-monitoring, flexible thinking and planning. The Ready Steady Think program offers age-appropriate content to assist you in supporting children with hearing loss and their families. The program helps you give children the best start to a successful life!
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Developed by The Shepherd Centre, HearHub’s course offerings are designed to equip hearing healthcare professionals with the skills to educate not only children but also caregivers.