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The Functional Listening Index – Paediatric or FLI-P® has been developed in a partnership between The Shepherd Centre, The HEARing CRC and Cochlear and is designed to assist the tracking and monitoring of a child’s listening skills in everyday situations. The tool can be used for any child from birth to six years of age, with any degree, type or level of hearing. The tool is designed for parents, care givers, teachers or health professionals, with thorough instructions on how to administer the test and review the results. The FLI-P® is based on clinical research conducted by the HEARing CRC and The Shepherd Centre since 2013.

What is Functional Listening and why is it important to track?

Functional listening describes how an individual listens in natural environments and settings, therefore the FLI-P® uses everyday scenarios and simple language. As listening is the foundation of spoken language and communication skills, tracking a child’s early functional skill development can help to indicate whether intervention or support may be required.

Who is currently using the FLI-P®?

The Functional Listening Index – Paediatric is currently being used globally in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America and through Asia.

User Guide and FAQ document

If this is your first time using the FLI-P® please first read the User Guide and FAQ document in the download. This offers step by step instructions on how to administer the FLI-P®, questions that may arise and a glossary. Keep this on file to refer to for future use.

Item Description document

Next, please read and save the Item Description document. The phases, descriptions and how to check are all well described here. Keep this on file to refer to for future use.

Administration Form

The Item Description document works in tandem with the Administration Form. You may wish to make multiple copies of this form for each child you are testing.
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