About Us

World-leading therapy


HearHub is powered by The Shepherd Centre, a charity that has been delivering world-leading therapy for children with hearing loss for more than 50 years.

For more than half a century, The Shepherd Centre’s mission has been to empower children with hearing loss to reach their full potential. The organisation’s focus on innovative hearing loss solutions helps hundreds of families in Australia every year.

As an industry leader in Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) therapy, The Shepherd Centre has achieved outstanding results over many years, with the vast majority of children graduating from our Early Intervention System and entering mainstream schools with communication skills on par with their hearing peers.

With the launch of HearHub, professionals around the world will be able to use and integrate The Shepherd Centre’s innovative approach and help create brighter futures for children with hearing loss: futures full of sound and speech. 

Why invest in HearHub?

What is HearHub? HearHub is a world first online platform which provides hearing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools and programs to enhance how they work with children with hearing...

Going Global with HearHub

A global offering The Shepherd Centre is excited to announce its newest initiative, HearHub, a digital platform which provides hearing healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools and programs...

Join our pilot

HearHub is currently available throughout Australia and New Zealand.  We are looking for partners to join our pilot. Pilot partners will get special rates in exchange for being the first users of HearHub and providing valuable feedback. Contact us to find out more.

Supporting families

A hearing loss diagnosis can be devastating for families. HearHub offers guidance and advice that can be shared with parents looking for ways to help their child at home.