Learning Environment FAQs

Learning Environment FAQ's

What is the learning environment?

The learning environment is a dedicated space enabling you to create your own courses and training modules for your workplace or clients. The learning environment is part of a Learning Management System (LMS) that you already use with HearHub so you will quickly become familiar with it!

Learning environment can be added to any existing HearHub Plan. More information on our plans can be found here Pricing | HearHub.


What can I do with the learning environment?

The learning environment is a cost-effective platform where you can create your own courses, training modules and learning content with easy to use templates that suit a range of learning styles and present information in an engaging and interactive way. You can set up a range of courses such as new staff induction; workplace safety training; a getting started course for new clients joining your service; courses on how develop speech goals at home.

Do I need experience with a Learning Management System to be able to create a course in the learning environment?

No, you don’t need any experience to build a course. The platform is intuitive, fun and easy to use with a range of template options.

Will I receive training upon subscribing to a learning environment?

Upon subscription, you will receive a 'welcome to your learning environment' email with your login details. Once you have logged in, watch the 'Getting Started with Coassemble' video and have a go at creating your own course – you will be surprised by how user-friendly it is. We can also provide a one-on-one videoconference call to help you get started and share some of our tips and tricks.

How can I get help?

In the first instance, we recommend reviewing the ‘Help’ page on Coassemble’s website; https://help.coassemble.com/en/

If you can’t find the answer to your question, send an email to [email protected] and our support team will be more than happy to assist.

Can I use the learning environment on a phone or tablet?

The learning environment is completely mobile responsive. The platform is configured to adjust and fit to any screen size.

Can I create a course to use externally from my organization?

Yes, the learning environment allows you to create courses that can be used both internally for your staff and for you to share with external clients or stakeholders.

Can I quiz my learners to ensure they know the content?

Yes, the learning environment allows you to include a quiz or assignments throughout the course or at the end enabling you to test your learners knowledge.

What type of files can I upload into my learning environment?

All modern multi-media can be uploaded into the learning environment including PowerPoints, PDF’s, images, videos and audio.

Subscription Management

Can I subscribe only to the learning environment?

The learning environment is an optional add on to any HearHub plan. It is not available as a standalone.

When can I add the learning environment to my subscription?

You can add your own learning environment at any point. This can be when you first join HearHub or at any time during an active subscription. When added during an active subscription, you can choose to include it from the next billing cycle or with immediate effect. If added immediately, charges will apply from that point and the annual charge will be pro-rated based on time remaining in your current billing period. If you notify us 5 business days before the next subscription period, we can ensure the change can take effect for your next billing cycle. To do this, contact us directly at  [email protected]

How do I cancel my learning environment subscription?

You can contact our support team at [email protected] to let us know you want to cancel your learning environment subscription. This cancellation will take effect from your next billing period. For this change to take place for your next billing period, you will need to notify us 5 business days in advance.  

What happens to the courses in my learning environment if I cancel my subscription?

Once you have cancelled your subscription, you will continue to have access to your learning environment until the end of your current billing period. You can retrieve your content via SCROM files, which we can help you to arrange, additional fees will apply.

User Management and Logins

Can I add users that are not part of our HearHub subscription?

Yes. Your HearHub users will be automatically added as learners in your learning environment. You can add any number of additional users based on your organisational needs.

Are there different user permissions?

Yes, most of your users will be ‘learners’ who will have access to complete courses. You can also set up users that have different levels of access to create courses, facilitate courses or have full administrative rights.

Is there a limit on the number of users I can have?

No, there is no limit on the numbers users that can be set up in your learning environment.

Why are our HearHub user ID’s different to the user ID’s I have created in our learning environment?

The user ID’s for your learners within your learning environment are different because they don’t have access to HearHub. The user ID’s that you have set up will allow your learners to access your courses within your orgnaisations learning environment only.

If a staff member has access to HearHub will they also need an additional user ID to access our own learning environment?

No, when a staff member has access to HearHub they will be able to toggle between HearHub and your workspace with the same user ID.


I am having issues printing a pdf from a course. The pdf doesn't open and there is a white screen. What can I do?

Close the pop out and re-open the run sheet again. Closing and re-opening the file should clear the issue and you can download and print the document.

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