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It takes a village


Children with hearing loss are supported on their journey by a team made up of family members and hearing healthcare professionals. HearHub provides everyone on the team with the knowledge and guidance they need to help children with hearing loss reach their potential. 

Supporting parents


Not only does HearHub provide progress updates on a child’s listening development, it also provides resources developed specifically to educate families on the best ways to support their children with hearing loss at home. 

Innovating for professionals


As an integrated solution, HearHub provides a flexible working platform for modern professionals. Its user-friendly digital tools for hearing loss are cutting-edge and inspire professionals working with children with hearing loss to strive for amazing outcomes for every child they work with.

Developed by industry leaders


 "Knowing this product has been developed by The Shepherd Centre gives me confidence that HearHub is an extension of their vision to give children with hearing loss a voice"

Danielle Lam,
Listening and Spoken Language Specialist,
The Shepherd Centre

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 HearHub subscription plans are available to suit teams of all sizes.

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