Tracking access to sound

The REDDI (Rapid Evaluation and Documentation of Detection and Imitation) tool is designed to track a child’s functional access to the critical sounds used in speech, both through detection and imitation. Results are recorded throughout a child’s listening journey, allowing clinicians to create a visual graph that displays progress and flags both achievements and potential areas for concern.

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The key to communication


For children with hearing loss, the ability to listen and hear the different speech sounds is a vital part of developing spoken communication. REDDI helps clinicians measure whether a child has sufficient access to each sound to learn to communicate through listening alone. The tool supports assessment of access to these sounds at greater distances as the child’s skills develop, as well as tracking the requirement for additional emphasis or cues.

Global usability

The REDDI tool can be customised on request for use in any country with any language. We can work with you to enable the tool to use appropriate sounds specific to your language.  

Simple & convenient

Quick and easy to use. Once conditions have been set, responses can be entered into the system with a few simple clicks while the test is being administered.

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Making a difference


"Being able to track a child’s access to sound over time is an important piece in the puzzle of their speech and language development. As an audiologist, I use the REDDI to guide device recommendations and to talk to families about access to sound."


Kate Wilson,
Paediatric Audiologist,
The Shepherd Centre

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