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HearHub’s innovative online tools for hearing loss enable professionals to monitor a child’s progress throughout their listening journey.

Developed by experienced professionals working in the hearing loss space, HearHub tools offer the data and insights to help children unlock their potential. The REDDI records a child’s access to the critical sounds of speech, while the FLI-P® tracks a child’s functional listening skills from birth to age six. Used together, these tools are vital in helping professionals monitor development and set individualised goals for children.

The Rapid Evaluation and Documentation of Detection and Imitation (REDDI) tool is quick and easy to use and provides a colour-coded record of a child’s everyday responses to different speech sounds, giving valuable information to help optimise their access to the sounds of speech.

The unique Functional Listening Index – Paediatric® (FLI-P®) tool tracks the development of a child’s functional listening skills over time and provides insights into the formation of key listening skills. A variety of visualisation graphs provide information of a child’s listening trajectory to guide and inform parents and professionals.

User friendly

HearHub tools are simple to use and can be administered anytime, anywhere.

Track results over time

Both the REDDI and FLI-P® tools provide visualisations of a child’s development over an extended period.

Flag patterns

The system automatically analyses input data and flags any issues in a child’s progress that need attention.

What are professionals saying
about HearHub?

"The REDDI tool has been a fantastic, quick and easy way to evaluate a child’s access to the sounds of speech over time. I have loved using the tool in my sessions. The visualisation graph shows families if there are concerns and when further audiological management is required."


Melissa Voyias

Listening and Spoken Language Therapist,
The Shepherd Centre

"I feel the FLI-P® is an essential part of the toolkit for any professional working with children with hearing loss. Early identifications of deficits in listening skills are crucial to the success of early intervention strategies."


Shellie Lavery

Senior Audiologist,
The Shepherd Centre

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